OneLogix CAF specialises in commercial and agricultural equipment fitments and assemblies. Our services extend to OEM container handling, including unpacking and optimising container space for export packing (up to 3 vehicles per container). Our clientele includes top automotive, motorcycle, and agricultural equipment manufacturers.

OneLogix CAF offers comprehensive logistical services, managing everything from customs clearance and container transport to assembly, storage, and customer transportation, through the OneLogix infrastructure. Collaborative efforts ensure seamless logistics, from container unpacking to the delivery of fully assembled vehicles and equipment to their final destinations.

Logistics Solutions

Container packing and unpacking

Fitments and assemblies

Customer adaptations

Fully equipped break testing facilities for commercial and passenger vehicles

CO2 emissions testing on commercial and passenger vehicles

In-house container weighbridge facilities

Micro-dotting facilities - approved application centre

Standard Fitments To Complex Customisation

OneLogix CAF is your one-stop-shop for all fitment needs, from standard chevron boards and seat covers to intricate customisations like Hazchem and ECU harnesses. We also excel in designing, manufacturing, and supplying customised solutions, adhering to OEM standards to guarantee accurate fitments. For example, we developed a new tailboard for an OEM range, enhancing it with laser-cut model names which resulted in significant cost savings. All finished products receive OEM approval before implementation across the entire range.

Whether you require commercial or agricultural fitments, ranging from OEM parts to aftermarket components, our skilled and professional tradesmen are here to meet your needs.